In 1991, a group of friends created a woodwind quintet. They wanted a special name for their musical group. This name had to identify the ensemble with its home city of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Jaenicke Gardens in Swinney Park came to mind. It is a peaceful place with exceptional beauty. The ensemble likes the lyrical sound of the name, "Jaenicke". We pronounce Jaenicke like this: jan*ah*key. Try it!

Second, the name had to be flexible to accommodate the various groups in the chamber music ensemble. The Renaissance term "consort" came to mind. By definition, consort is a family of like instruments or group of musicians entertaining by voice or by instrument.

Thus: the ensemble's name became the Jaenicke Consort.
Besides playing with the Jaenicke Consort, the musicians support the community in a number of ways. All perform with area bands and orchestras, as well as teach private music lessons.

The Jaenicke Consort is a versatile chamber music ensemble that performs as a trio, quartet, quintet and octet. Being the premiere ensemble, the woodwint quintet offers a diverse repertoire of music.